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December 1915: A cold, blistery night in New York City. By the amber hue of candlelight, you reach into your cedar armoire to take out your best outfit. The one that you wear so rarely, but love so much. The black frill lace covers your neck and your husband throws your cape over your shoulders to get you to the buggy. As he checks his pocket watch to ensure you don't miss the most infamous event of the year, you realize you feel a tad nervous to go to the film. Inspiration is playing at the Claremont Theater on Broadway, the first silent film to show a nude woman. Oh the things people will say about you for seeing such a film.

Thank your stars we are about to celebrate 2015 and not travel back to 1915.
Duane Park salutes the onset of 2015 with it's tribute to Inspiration, a celebration of the first nude film to rock the boat. Join us on New Years Eve with the most scantily clad crew in town as we shake and shimmy off the burdens of 2014 and enter in the new year of 2015. Our Master of Ceremonies Michael Cunio (Broadway: Jersey Boys, PBS: Under the Street Lamp) will sound the alarm on his voice rocking the sounds of Adele, Pink Floyd, Maxwell and Rihanna with his band of boys behind him, the Cunos.

Cunio will summon his muses to that evening Gal Friday, The Maine Attraction and Peekaboo Pointe to devour and delight you. Gal Friday, better known as The Five Alarm Fire, will show you why red heads actually have more fun. Peekaboo Pointe holds the record as the fastest tassel twirler from east to west, will seduce you to extremes you never thought possible. The Maine Attraction, recently seen in Cheek to Cheek, the Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Special, is a regular fire starter, just you wait and see. Ivory Fox will leave you in suspense as she hangs above your head, hoping for that last sip of your New Year's bubbly.

Executive Chef Richard Overholt is planning a New Year's Menu to match the sensations your eyes and ears will surrender to with a delicious three course meal to delight your sense of taste and smell. With the finest selections of land and sea, the menu will taste just as gorgeous as what you see.

The Model
6:30pm Seating
$115 per person
plus tax, tip and beverage

The Muse
10:00pm Seating
$250 per person
plus tax, tip and beverage

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