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brian newman

“His (Anders) honest and original love songs can give romantic music a brand new chance. Do your heart a favor and check him out.”

“Anders Holst is a regal contender to become the new crowned prince of contemporary romantic music. The original compositions across Romantika glide with the ease and beauty of a springtime drive through the countryside.”
In anticipation of his third release, SoHo Suite, Anders will be performing in the heart of TriBeCa at the Duane Park Supper Club. Anders will play selections from his previous releases, Romantika, and Five, as well as a preview of tracks from his highly anticipated new album. Stripping his larger set-up down to three supporting musicians, Anders will provide a sultry soundtrack for the evening in this already intimate, romantic space.

SoHo Suite, (due out June 2011) is meant as an ode to his New York neighborhood and the emotions it inspires. The album includes originals with a jazzy interpretation of Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near)”. Although not a far departure from Romantika and Five, SoHo Suite promises to bring a fresh approach to Adult Contemporary composition, which will be presented for the first time live at Duane Park.

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