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brian newman

Picture it: Buenos Aires. A hot breezy summer night in the 1960s. You pass by an unassuming door and hear drums pounding, ladies singing and moroccas pulsing to the beat. Inside are three gorgeous guapas there to shake, serenade and strip the days cares away. Welcome to Tres Leches : the one and only Latin music and Burlesque night in New York City.

But what is music without any moves? You are sure to fawn and swoon after the incomparably statuesque MEDIANOCHE: a vixen with Spainish roots and the most Seductive strip your eyes have ever seen. And it couldn't be Tres Leches without the mama with the mambo: THE MAINE ATTRACTION. She is sure to Carmen Mirandize your rights away to free speech , because after you watch this smooth sister shimmy it all of, all that you can mutter will be: ¡Ay que rico!

Nos vemos pronto, Bellos! 

Tres Leches