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All Aboard The Love Train

The Love Train leaves Duane Park just a few times a month with Jermaine Jones as our Love Conductor. Jermaine was a top ten finalist on The Voice Canada and he is here at Duane Park just to show you why he is still on our top ten list!

Hot and heavy, Jermaine's voice flows with the beat and sways with the rhythm of the hips of the sexiest burlesque dancers in town. Jermaine’s Love Train wouldn’t run without the little sexiest engines, Duane Park’s Dancers!

Only the finest and flyest girls join Jermaine’s Love Train to put some fuel in you fire and some pep in your step, as they shimmy, shake and show off all their beauty they hide under their Love Train couture.

So what are you waiting on? Book your ticket now for the bullet express of Love, Soul and Sensuality.