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Le Freak/C'est Chic

This evening commemorates the golden days of Studio 54 in New York City, notorious for its exclusive clientele, non-stop glitter and the ever-present pulse of disco. Our Show will feature the tunes of Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor, The Weather Girls, Patti Labelle, Donna Summer, Sylvester and more. Just like Studio 54, you are guaranteed a high while with us, ours will just be of serotonin from the non-stop feel good tunes. Our Bay of Beauties and Chic Freaks will take to the stage to strip, tease, drop and fly to these iconic tunes, proving disco is indeed not dead at all.  The evening's will also feature a delicious four-course meal.  You will Feel Mighty Real after a full night at the Duane Park disco!  Pricing is $145 per person for the four-course meal and show. Not inclusive of tax, tip or beverages.

*Caution: We reserve the right to seat people based on outfits, just as the doormen at Studio 54 did. Dress to impress. We can't guarantee great seating if you can't guarantee a good look.