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The Righteous Brothers helped popularize the term Blue-Eyed Soul with their 1964 LP of the same name, but artists like Adele, Duffy and even David Bowie's Young Americans album have kept the beat of Motown moving and grooving since the 60's!

Michael Cunio (Broadway's Jersey Boys, PBS Under The Streetlamp) heats up the horns and doubles up the drummer's pulse when it's time for Blue-Eyed Soul at Duane Park. Michael has an ability to croon and wail all at the same time, while his band keeps the tune moving along faster than your wildest dreams. From Porter to Prince and Tom Jones to Sharon Jones, the tunes are as diverse as the people who wrote them and Cunio delivers them all with an air of ease and ferociousness. Trust us, you have never heard a singer quite like him.

As Cunio takes the stage in his tightly measured black suit, the spotlight hits and his personality soars to match his voice, but wait, the girls haven't even hit the stage yet. Two of Duane Park's finest ladies, and yes, we mean finest, join Cunio for each installation of Blue-Eyed Soul to show you exactly how to land that beat! Be it the five-alarm-fire of Burlesque, Gal Friday or The Maine Attraction herself, the girls show you exactly where the Soul is in this mix! The ladies land each phrase of Cunio's singing with one less item on, but let's just hope Cunio stops in time so the ladies don't go too far!

Join us once a month at Duane Park for Blue-Eyed Soul. A Soulful mix of music with the charismatic Cunio and the finest of New York Burlesque!